Focus: If I allow all apps and no people, what will I miss?

I’m setting up a Focus that can be used to trigger an automation, so I don’t want it to restrict or change anything. In other words, I want to ignore Allowed Notifications. I think this can be accomplished by adding all apps to Allowed Apps, but will I miss anything if I don’t add anyone to Allowed People?

This must be a rookie a question, but I guess I am unclear on what sort of notifications are attributed to people. Messages seems like the obvious one. Is there a list?

If you are only using the change of Focus mode to trigger the automation, rather than fully configuring the new Focus mode, would it be practical to set the Focus mode back to your default/standard as part of the automation — or would that simply trigger another automation that you have set up?

Adding the app allows anyone using that app to get through to you.

The idea of adding a person would be so that they “get through” the Focus mode no matter which app they use (iMessage, Signal, Telegram, Slack, Twitter DM, Discord etc) if any of the apps have implemented Focus mode support, even if the app itself is not in the allowed list. In other words, for tightly controlled times when you want to allow specific people to have access to you, add those specific people to the allow list, but do not add the apps to the allow list. If you are adding all apps to the allow list, that should mean that anyone can get through to you without being in the people list.

I hope that all makes sense.


Thanks, Tony. Great reply!

In this case, I am experimenting with a focus mode to trigger wallpaper changing. So I made one automation to change the wallpaper when the focus in turned on and another to change it back when turned off. This was my first dive, so it (ahem) triggered a few more general questions.

Your explanation was perfect.

Thanks again

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