Focus mode enable on location, and then what?

Could be I’m completely missing the option, it’s been long day :slight_smile:
My question is:

I can enable a focus mode based on arrival at a location, but how do I then disable it again when I leave? I can’t seem to find that option?

What am I missing?

On your lock screen, you can tap the ‘focus thing’, which looks like a person (or a moon, etc.).
Or in control center (mine says School).

That would be manually disabling it, right?

I’d hoped when Apple puts in an automatic “on” on arrival, they might also have an automatic “off” on departure?

Ah! That’s a different question :slight_smile:

In the fine print at the bottom…

aha, that’s it! Thanks @JohnAtl
I did not have my reading glasses when I enabled it :slight_smile:

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Still WFH.

Unfortunately my phone does not register the location difference between my bedroom and study :grin:

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I wonder if you can use iBeacons for that?
Are iBeacons still a thing?

Should be. Still have a pack of NFC stickers lying around. Should have 2 for Work and Play so they also change the Mac setups and lighting at the same time as switching the focus mode on iPhone and iPad

I’m waiting to see how I can automate it with Monterey. Maybe something with Timery and Fantastical. Timery for work and Fantastical for meetings.

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haha, same here, but am prepping to go back to the office 1 day per 2 weeks or so when we can and wanted to know if this worked :slight_smile: