Focus@Will special from iMore

Hi all,

iMore have a special for Focus@Will: lifetime subscription for 75% off, from $300 down to $70.

I’m incredibly tempted - is this worth it?

I am always wary of any “Lifetime subscription”.

FYI the deals you see from iMore, MacHeist, Android Area, and a million more sites are just affiliate offers from StackCommerce, in which these sites rebrand Stack deals and take a commission.

Nothing wrong with that, but I tend to buy direct from the main StackSocial site (which has a much larger variety of available deals on any given day), as the site periodically has discount coupon codes you can use to save even more $, and every $25 spent gets you a $1 redeemable credit.

Here’s the original deal on

I can’t speak to Focus@Will, but I got a lifetime subscription to and love it. Whether it works or not, I feel more accomplished and focused after using it. I know there are other things on the market that do the same thing.

I am wary of the deals like this from StackSocial, since I had a bad experience with StackSocial not honoring a lifetime “upgrade” during purchase of a Blinkist lifetime subscription, YMMV

Sorry to hear about that problem you had. I’ve bought many things from StackSocial without incident, though never a ‘lifetime’ product.

However a friend did get a lifetime subscription to WeDo around 18 months ago and it’s been fine for her.

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I’ve had F@W since 2015 (the $35 every two years plan, so when it renews later this year, I’ll have paid more than the $70 lifetime plan.) I don’t use it often, but when I do it really helps me. That said, this is the music I most commonly use and you can just buy it standalone or stream it if you have a music service.

I’ve had a lifetime sub to Focus@Will for several years. I like it, but if you listen everyday, it starts to be repetitive (I only have a few favorite channels).

My current favorite and FREE option is