Focused Calendar for 2022?

Hi Focused friends,
I’ve loved my 2021 Focused calendar and would happily buy another for next year. Will there be one?

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Yes! Made a few upgrades, finalizing the design now. Should be available within a couple weeks :slight_smile:


After moving to a new place last month I finally have a place to put a big wall calendar like this. Ordered. (Between this and the Apple Hardware Calendar I should definitely know what day it is :grin:)



Practical questions:

  • what brand of markers are you using?
  • can you share your “key” configuration?

This is my first Focused calendar (until I moved this year I didn’t have any place to put one) so I haven’t resolved either of those questions yet.

I wish there was a traditional Sunday through Saturday option. I’ve been using the 2021 calendar all year and still haven’t gotten used to the Monday though Sunday set up. It just doesn’t work for me.


I use Staedtler Lumocolor non-permanent fine point markers. They’ve been perfect. : STAEDTLER Lumocolor Watersoluble Marker Sf Set Of 8, 311 WP8 ST : Office Products


If you go to the NeuYear web site you can buy a Sunday first version but it’s not labeled Focused. Available in paper or dry erase versions.

I’d really like a calendar but I’m in the UK. This makes the $28 calendar cost $63.60!

Are there any alternative distributors? I’m sure there are tons of listeners not in the US!

Anyone with cool ideas on how they’re using this? I was considering tracking… maybe my reading? Would love to hear what others are doing with it!

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Focused Calendar in action:

I recently had the opportunity to sign up for an 18 day raft trip through the Grand Canyon this April. The first thing I did was look over at my Focused Calendar and easily see the three things on there that conflicted with the trip. That provided a lot of clarity up front and I was able to decide pretty quickly that none of those conflicts were dealbreakers.

The ultimate decision to go on the trip was more drawn out (largely because it will almost completely consume my saved vacation days) but in terms of conflicting obligations, the Focused Calendar was a great help. Thanks @MacSparky and @mikeschmitz!


Same here! Did you find a way?

No, I’ve bought a different calendar now but will have another look for 2023!

@ChrisUpchurch I keep mine up on my wall and it helps me often.

Let me know and we could share postage!

I did notget the focused calendar but another one from the same place that has a standard sunday start to the week because that’s how I think. But it is like thefocused one in that it’s a dry erase calendar. I have some what are called fine point markers but they are still too fat for my scribbles and I can’t even write 1 thing in the squares much less the overlapping things and ranges I want to use it for.

What sort of markers are folks using?

I need something better.

@OogieM see my post of Oct. 27 above for markers I like. I’d repost the link but Discourse doesn’t want me to.

Staedtler Lumocolor Non-Permanent Fine Point.

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@mikeschmitz Will there be a Focused calendar for 2023?

I must be a nut because I always want the calendar months before everyone else.

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