Focusrite 8i6 (3rd Gen) and Speaker Setup

Hey MPU,

Not sure what happened to my setup, everything was fine last night.
This morning I come to start my day with some Spotify and my sound is not balanced.
I check the speakers, my left speaker has all the sound, the right has nothing.

I continue to poke and prod trying to figure out what happened overnight. Still nothing. I figured maybe there was an issue with Focusrite, I turned it on/off, tried to adjusting the settings. In the process of trying to adjust, I accidentally reset the device, so now I can’t remember any settings I had prior. I even noticed that when I listen to stuff via headphones, my right side also went out.

Any suggestions on where to start or how to start troubleshooting without losing my mind.

Macbook Pro to Dell External Monitor
JBL 305 MKII speakers
ATM-50 headphones
Shure SM58 mic

All going into Focusrite 8i6 (3rd Gen)

From my Dell External Monitor (3.5mm out) going to Focusrite (Line Inputs 3 and 4) - This captures any audio because I watch movies on here also.

JBL 305p Speaker XLR (Left) to 1/4 goes into Line Input 1
JBL 305p Speaker XLR (Right) to 1/4 goes into Line Input 2

The front of the Scarlett
Mic Input 1 is my Shure
Mic Input 2 is the 3.5mm out of the Macbook into Scarlett

What am I missing??? or not seeing??

It’s simple but the first thing that comes to mind (if you haven’t checked it already) is make sure all audio cables are plugged in all the way. And reboot, too, if you haven’t yet!

Thanks for the tip! Not sure what happened to be honest. I unplugged and replugged (2x).
I rebooted a few times (for different reasons throughout the day). Then all of a sudden things were back to normal again…