Folder Action Based on File Source

I prefer Preview as my default PDF viewer. However, there are certain PDFs that I need to open in Adobe Acrobat DC for some work things. All of these files that I need to open in Acrobat come from a limited number of websites where I download them.

What I think I want to set up is folder action that sees that a file was downloaded from a certain website and then automatically opens that file in a certain app (in this case, Acrobat). But for anything that doesn’t meet this specific criteria, it would just save the file as normal for me to open when I want to with Preview as the default app.

I know how to make folder actions in Automator. But I don’t see a way for the action to be based on the file download location. However, this location is stored in the file’s metadata, as seen in Get Info » More Info » Where from (it lists the URL).

Any ideas?

Maybe Hazel can do this?
You should be able to dd an applescript to download to run from hazel.

mdls will include this in its list of metadata

Yes, Hazel can detect where a file came from. I’m pretty sure it can also open with a designated app, or at least do this with AppleScript.

Hazel did it. Natively.

I don’t know why I didn’t think about Hazel. I stopped using it a while back, but now I’m going to have to think through some new workflows!

Thanks @Evan @dfay @jkoopmans!