Folder permissions keep changing: ideas?

I use Dropbox extensively on my machines (Mac Studio and Macbook Pro, both running Sonoma), especially since I tend to have lots of collaborative projects on the go. As of late, my colleagues keep complaining of not being able to edit shared documents. It turns out this is because my folder permissions keep shifting to “Read Only”, seemingly by themselves. I go back to to the folder and change permissions by changing to “Read & Write” and clicking the “Apply to Enclosed Items”. All good for a a few hours, then it reverts back. Anyone else encountered this? Poking around on-line, I’m not seeing many other report associated with Sonoma, suggesting this may be something muddled on my machine. The main suggestion seems to be nuke and reinstall from a backup. Any ideas?

Not a direct answer, but you might be able to use a Folder Action to help track this down. The folder action won’t tell you when the permissions are changed, or which process is changing them, but if whatever is changing the permissions is either adding or removing files from the folder (which seems likely), the folder action can track that.

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