Folders in Airmail (where are they? not showing in the sidebar)

just about the time I get comfortable with Airmail another annoyance pops up. I have tried every appearance setting and nothing shows the folders. We can goto favorites and activate “GoTo Folder” but that doesnt put them in the sidebar. you have to right click and dropdown menus to get to the folder…

to clarify, I just want the labels/folders to appear in the left sidebar below the inbox, spam etc. like this:

anyone still using Airmail?

Ok. Its clunky but I solved it.

In preferences, you have to go to Favorites.
Turn OFF “Go to Folder”
Turn ON “Labels”


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What’s the result look like? :eyes:

like the pic above. the folders are indented with the color tags

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and with today’s update of AirMail… the folders are gone again and nothing is bringing them back.

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