Fonts and a Font Manager

I use to be really into fonts. I am looking for a Disney font in particular. Can you recommend a site with a good reputation and perhaps a not-so-expensive good font manager, please?

Of course there is LinoType foundry for fonts. Not exactly cheep, but of the highest quality. I have also used a few from Fontspace, and

There are many independent type foundries that I like to support back when I was buying fonts. A quick search and you will find more than you can imagine.

As for font management, I used the default Apple FontBook for quite a while until I needed a bit more features. I found to be great. Works like the old ATM and Linotype Font mangers used to. Also part of SetApp (which I am not a subscriber to, I just purchased it outright). It has been rock solid for me.

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I am fine with the Apple FontBook.

And I got some of my Disney Fonts from this Website
Where “Waltograph” is the “typical” Font inspired by the Walt Disney Logo.
This site has also a large list with other Fonts used by the Disney Company, or at least looking similar to them.

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I have SetApp. Thank you!