Food Diary and calorie counter

Can anybody recommend a good reliable food diary and calorie counter MAC or IOS ???

I am a fan of My Fitness Pal. It can share data with Health on the iPhone (to check/log your weight), and has plenty of foods in the database - scan the barcode and say how much you’re eating and you’re done!

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I use and the fddb-extender-app. The app also syncs the data to Apple Health. But not all food-data contain the same amount of data. But better than nothing.

I use Lose It! While it’s worked well for me (lost about 90 pounds so far) I don’t know if I’d go with it again if I were starting from scratch. They’re very aggressive about trying to upsell you to their paid version (lots of popups that get in the way when you’re trying to do stuff, etc.). I’m sticking with it for now because I’ve got all my data and recipes in there, so I’m kind of locked in. Once I get down to a weight that I want to maintain I may try switching over to something else.

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I also use My Fitness Pal. It works perfectly for me and integrates with my Health App.

I have a workflow problem: if I get a plate from the buffet in the cafeteria, like…mixed salad, some veggies, some rice, how many calories is that? I try to avoid pre-packaged food. I know, cafeteria is not that much better but the obvious choice at work. We need an app where you just take a picture of your plate and you get the calories/nutrients. :slight_smile:

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I have a very good experience with Lifesum. It cannot translate a foto into calories, but makes very easy to figure out the calories in your cafeteria’s plate.

I like Chronometer for IOS it gives all the calories, breaks down into carbs, fats and proteins and complete vitamin and mineral content and you can set targets on everything. Good Reporting as well.

Thank you everybody who replied , appreciate it, think Im going to give My Fitness Pal a go. thanks again


I found this serving size chart with a quick google search. I used a similar one to this when first starting out. It’s ok to guess and be generic.

LoseIt! had a feature in beta (I haven’t used it in a while).

For my late $0.02 I used MyFitnessPal for over 300 days and it was a great experience. Then for some reason, I went all in on LoseIt! and it didn’t stick as well. MyFitness Pal I think is more utilitarian and LoseIt! seemed more whimsical. Tried Weight Watchers but the iphone app hasn’t been working (to be fair i’m on beta 12). Back to MyFitness Pal. I think that it’s by far the top dog in this field.

I use myFitnessPal. Consider getting a smart scale that works with Apple Health. I use the Yunmai. The data are fed through Apple Health to myFitnessPal. I’m closing in on 60# lost this year to date with this combo. Losing weight is making sure input falls below basic metabolic rate (BMR) + exercise burn. The scale + myFitnessPal + activity tracked with the Watch makes the shortfall in input easier to track than ever before. If you are honest and accurate about counting input, you should get good results.


Along those lines when in doubt, I estimate high on calorie count and low on calorie burn. That helps compensate for nutrition information that is notoriously low in reporting calories on packaging.

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@anon41602260 60# quite an accomplishment! :+1: In line with your results and Peter Drucker’s “What gets measured gets improved” there have been scientific studies that people who monitor their daily weight tend to lose more and keep it off. So having a total ecosystem of monitoring vitals as well as weight makes this practice frictionless.


Any updates on what is a good app for tracking food consumption and nutritional data now?

Ideally something that feeds into Health App on my phone and that I can extract the data out of regularly.

No Apple watch so can’t use that. Would like a mac version to review the data at least.

I am a fan of MyNetDiary, really quick entry, fewer upsells for pro that other apps, and good access to data/reporting.

Just yesterday I discovered FoodNoms.

Still getting to know it, but so far, here are some features that I like:

  • Beautiful iOS-native-feeling UI – same can’t be said about a lot of other apps in this category.
  • Privacy focus – syncs via iCloud – huge tick in my book.
  • Good database – pulls from ? self.nutritiondata
  • Most functionality available for free but some additional features for a reasonably priced subscription.

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