For Kindle owners

Ive bought a bunch of “Take Control” ebooks over the years. I usually read them in PDF format on the Mac or iPad.

I’m thinking about getting a Kindle on Black Friday. Is it possible to put books (in Kindle format, of course) into a Kindle, if I didn’t buy the book from Amazon?

If so, how?


There’s 2 ways, you can either load them via USB or send them via email to your kindle (there’s a special email address).


I use calibre for all my kindle/ebook management needs.

Fantastic app, that is updated almost too regularly ha (it has an update available every time I open it, without fail).


Take Control provided me with three formats: PDF, Kindle, and iBooks.

Log-in to your Take Control account and see if you have access to the other formats.


I use app: SendtoKindle
You can send:

  1. .mobi files
  2. .epub books (but you have to change extension to .png -> book_name.epub change to book_name.png)

I send files back and forth all the time via USB.

I use Kindle Fire devices as my LambTracker handheld so have tomove the database on and off regularly.

On my Kindle original model and kindle paperwhite I also use the USB port to move files onto it.

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If you find the right Calibre plugin, you can backup your kindle books to your Mac and even convert them to other formats.


How do you connect your kindle to Calibre? and what exactly is it that you can manage in Calibre?

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I have all of my eBooks stored in Calibre, it’s like iTunes for eBooks. You can store different file formats, make sure the metadata is right, etc. I like to tag my books (primarily fiction vs non-fiction), and have it sync all of my function to my Kindle - and download the non-function in iBooks on my iPad.


One major tip i learned reading my PDF/Ebooks is type CONVERT in the subject line if you are emailing them to your kindle

it will send to kindle and convert to an easier readable format

sidebar: I’m going to look into this calibre bc my ebook management is a mess i have stuff on USB, stuff on g-drive, books in evernote - need to get organized

I have Calibre on my Mac but never use it. The UI is heinous :slight_smile:

The UI is indeed in need of an update but it does its job so well that I dont mind :slight_smile:

Like Rosemary said, I use it as a place to store and manage all my ebooks. Load the ones on to my kindle that I plan on reading in the near future and remove them as I tick them off.

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