For the iPad Pro users... a new dock stand on Kickstarter

This looks promising! A stand similar in style and function to the Surface Studio, ports on the back-side than connect to the iPad via a USB C dongle. I had to look closely, the dongle has two connections, one for the back plate, one for the iPad. Magic Dock.



I’d take a $20 rotating dock and my choice of hub-on-a-cable, over some untested $100+ Kickstater project with unknown manufacturing provenance.

Since the delivery date is just 2 months from now, why not wait for Kickstarter guinea pigs and reviewers to get theirs first?

Oh, I’m not backing it or suggesting anyone else should. I don’t have the spare cash do fund Kickstarter projects. But, I think it looks great and thought people might be interested in knowing it exists. If it works out I’d definitely consider it once it’s on the market. I’ve previously looked at the stand you linked to and passed on it. I don’t like the idea of the clasping/closing holder. I do have a stand that I like but it’s not ideal. Should that Kickstarter become a real product on the market it would be the first stand/dock that I’d think of as being closest to my ideal stand/dock. Pricey but possibly well worth it. Time will tell!

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That looks pretty cool!

Interesting, will wait and see if and when it’s actually available.