For those holding out on the Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro: Logitech releases a "Folio Touch" keyboard+touchpad case

Just caught this on a variety of news outlets, but here’s the official page:

It appears to be under half the cost ($160+tax) of the Magic Keyboard, but it actually weighs more: 646g to the iPad Pro 11" Magic Keyboard’s 590g. (Assuming the Tom’s Guide review is accurate.)

It appears to be only available for the 11" iPad Pro. Curious.


FWIW, this is about 22 US pennies (at 2.5 g each) difference in weight. That extra weight might not matter when it means that you do not need to carry your laptop too.



Looks pretty sweet! Will keep my eye out for this.

What I love about Apple’s is that you can use it on your lap (or on a pillow on your lap) when sitting on the couch or in a comfy chair. I really dislike the whole kickstand form factor because it negates the most useful aspect of the iPad for me: the ability to just pick it up and use it anywhere.

That being said, it’s a very popular form factor, so I’m glad that Logitech is offering it for those who like such things, and I won’t pretend to not be a touch envious of the extra keys :slight_smile:

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(Also, it’s nice to see a third party putting out a Smart Connector peripheral for the “new” Smart Connector.)


I’d want to hear about the touchpad experience. The Brydge looks good in practice, but every review has found the touchpad to be lacking.

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Looks like I lose the rigidity of the magic keyboard which is a shame. Wondering how well this will work out at anywhere that isn’t a table top.

I have the combo touch wich has the same touchpad. It is great and has all the features the Apple one has except that it can not be pressed on top.

Well, looks like I’m a little jealous of people who chose this over the Magic Keyboard:

Key takeaways for me:

The Folio Touch has better viewing angles thanks to a movable stand, it offers more protection for the ‌iPad Pro‌ because it encases the entire device, and the cover can be folded all the way back to use the ‌iPad Pro‌ in tablet mode […]

[…] that aforementioned stand is malleable and not as sturdy as the Magic Keyboard in a lap.