For those of you with Eero, which version do you have?

The basic version 3-pack, or the Pro version? And how happy are you with it? Thanks!

I have the basic version, and am very happy with it.

I supposedly only pay for 25 Mbps speeds, but I typically get 31 down and 7 up with the Eero. I never have trouble with download speed or with streaming HD TV, movies, etc. Speeds and connectivity are good throughout the apartment.

And I only have one Eero, not a 3-pack. (They claim one unit adequately covers 1500 square feet; the apartment is 1124.)

I’m single, and not a gamer, so YMMV.

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I have the pro with two beacons. They work well, never have a problem with them. I received these from Eero as part of a beta test and decided to use them next to my apple router.

Though my beacons are strategically placed in my house, most devices appear to connect to the base even though a beacon may be closer. This does not seem to hamper connectivity nor speed though.

I work from home and have a low tolerance for network failure, the eeros have not let me down at anytime. Most of my high demand devices are connected to copper but many IoT devices (which i develop) are on the eero network. Any failure of these to connect to eero has been my (firmware) doing.

Administration of the eero network is done through an app on your phone, its easy and elegant.

I still have the apple router operational but plan to switch over to eero entirely. I held on to the Apple router simply because i needed the one extra network port it has. But i have installed a 16 port switch so there is really no reason to keep the Apple.

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It does help, thanks! :slight_smile:

I have three Eero Pro units, one on each floor. I think I could have gotten away with a beacon for the top unit, but the other two make good use of the extra radio. Quite happy with the setup.

Basic version. Works wonderfully and I find Eero plus worth every penny

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Pro with two beacons.

I have the cable modem feeding the Pro, and our TV plugged into the other ethernet port on the Pro.

The beacons plug directly into the wall outlet. They don’t need to to sit on a flat surface. And, the beacons have optional night lights. We have them plugged into hallway outlets that are not regularly used (one outlet is still open).

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Pro with two beacons. The gateway is connected to the Uverse router (in bridge mode) and I am using all of the features of Eero. That is located upstairs in the middle of the house.

One beacon is in the basement at one end of the house, the other is on the back porch upstairs at the other end of the house.

They seem to work really well!

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Pro with two beacons. Couldn’t be happier. Our old house kills signal at every opportunity. But haven’t had any issues with Eero. Eero + is also amazing. With the number of connected devices across my network, we haven’t seen any slow down in speeds.

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Three pack of Pro units. They’re rock solid, just work, easily outpace my Internet connection, and I’m exceptionally happy with them. They are absolutely not for anyone who wants to do any kind of tinkering. I am absolutely not someone who wants to to any kind of tinkering on my home network (I get enough of that at work :slight_smile: )

The only reason that I went with 3 Pro units instead of beacons is that I needed ethernet ports in a couple of rooms and doing it this way was so very, very, vey much easier than trying to retrofit my house with cable. The new non-Pro units were not out when I bought mine.

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Thanks everyone! Just pulled the trigger on a Pro and one beacon.