For those waiting for an iPad Mini upgrade

Just got an email from Groupon dumping the iPad mini 2 for $169.99.

Could this be an indication that a long-awaited iPad mini upgrade is pending? [I know “rumor had it” as “yes,” but this could be one more indicator on the path to actual launch vs. an intangible hope.

I’ve bought enough gear recently(!), just posting for those who I know are looking/waiting for one of these.



That Groupon deal is for ‘scratch and dent’ mini 2 models. That model first came out in November 2013.

Seems utterly unrelated to the mini_4, which came out in the fall of 2015 and will surely be imminently replaced.

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Oooh! Thanks @bowline !! I posted before thinking about the “current” model. I don’t follow minis and didn’t realize they were up to a model 4!.

Should delete my post?

It’s fine.

I think that everyone is trying to clear out stock of all older iPad models because everyone is imminently expecting a refresh and they don’t want to get caught with older inventory. This past weekend Amazon and Target dropped basic 6ty-gen iPad models (limited colors) to their $249 Black Friday prices, and they remain at those blowout prices.

The mini is an awesome consumption device. I had the 2nd gen model and found it was getting pokey around iOS 11 so I sold it. But who knows, I might be in the market for a new model depending of the price/specs…

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