For those with the 2TB iCloud Storage Plan, how do you configure it?

I am really trying to use iCloud for all of my digital storage since I have 2TB that I am not using that much of. How do you have yours set up?

  1. I have the Documents & Desktop setting turned on and I am using the Documents folder as the new root for all of my documents. It says “1.79TB Free” when I click on anything iCloud related, so if I start moving content into it, what happens? Is the file still there (a la Dropbox) or not? Is it just a reference? The answer to this drastically changes my approach since I have a 256GB internal drive on my MacBook and the whole point of using this storage is to NOT have local files.

  2. Is there any way to better configure how the storage is handled other than the “Optimize Mac Storage” button?

  3. Any other tips or best practices for going all iCloud?