Force all MacOS apps to open in full screen?

Is there a way to force all apps on macOS to open in full screen? I’ve been wishing for a way to do this forever. I also note that while some apps will reopen in full screen if they were shutdown that way, many others refuse to respect that so its a messy random setup at the moment.

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Never found a native way to do so. Using Keyboard Maestro to do this.

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Do you need to invoke a shortcut every time you open an app? I’ve been using bettertouchtool to do that.

I mainly use it inside a “startup” macro (eg. when I start working in the morning it opens a bunch of apps and puts them fullscreen) so it’s not “per app” based, one keyboard shortcut opens several apps.

This is the block, that’s repeated for every app:

Since one of the triggers in KM is application based I guess you can set it up to execute the macro every time an app launches:

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That seems pretty cool. So you’ve got one command that loads up all the apps you need in full screen when you get going. I assume you have something just as elaborate for shutting down?

I wonder if there are any apps that automate this on Mac to launch and shutdown preset workspaces.

well, not that elaborate, just a “quit all” KM macro :smiley:

The “eluded list” in Keyboard maestro preferences manages the apps I don’t want to close. all pretty basic.

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Nice setup! I use BetterTouchTool and I think it has similar functionality so will be checking that out. Thanks again for the inspiration.

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