(Force) Update favicons for favourites in Mobile Safari?

Recently I have been experimenting with creating Carrd (single page) “websites” for personal use. I noticed that in Mobile Safari my favourites for these sites use the favicon as in use when I added the website. If I update the site’s favicon later (and re-publish the site), it will not be updated in Safari. Worse, if I un-favour and then favour the site again, Safari still uses the old favicon and not the current one.

How can I (force) update favicons for favourites in Mobile Safari?

(Preferably without removing all Safari data, like logins)

First time hearing of Carrd. Websites for $19 a year? Wow! What’s the catch?

You can try to clear only the data from this specific website.

Single page only, but that can still be useful.

I’m asking for Mobile Safari (iOS/iPadOS) and don’t see that option there?

Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data
There you can see the Website Date for every single Website (maybe you have to click on “Show All”), and could remove single Website Date via Edit (top right).

Thank you for the detailed steps (I was not looking within Advanced before…)

Unfortunately, this did not help either. I removed all data for the affected sites. Two still show a favicon and the others now show the first letter of the domain name instead of the favicon…

I’d been struggling with this problem and a related problem where the favicon on the tabs are wrong for years. There’s no way of fixing it even with wipe and restore. I ended up setting device as new this year.

You probably found the below, but supposedly (a) there is, or at least was, apparently a Safari problem, (b) most or all might fix themselves over time, and (c) there’s a way to check whether a site’s fav icons are configured right, on the off chance it isn’t the Safari problem after all.


They updated today (I upgraded to iOS 16.2 RC yesterday)!

However, only once. If I change them on one of my websites, they don’t update again… :cry: