Forced to update to iOS 13?

I have switched Automatic Updates off on my iDevices, which are on iOS 12, only to find that iOS 13 has already been downloaded on them and is getting aggressively pushed via installation reminders. I don’t want to update just yet given how buggy iOS 13 is and would like and expect Apple to respect my decision, which is the whole point of keeping Automatic Updates toggled off. Also, the installation reminders are not easy to side-step for those who are not as comfortable with their devices as everyone here. I am quite dismayed by this and was wondering if anyone else has had the same experience.

I got pushed to update, refused, was informed another day I was going to be updated… then I refused the Terms of Service screen, and now iOS is patiently waiting for me.

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I’m still holding off the update to 13, same situation, it’s downloaded and lurking in the background. Occasionally it prompts to update. I’ve found the easiest way to ‘ignore’ it, when it prompts there’s 3 options one of which is “details”, I hit the details button then swipe up from ‘home’ and it pushes it to the back ground for a few days.
I agree that it would be better if there was an easy option to make it stop nagging about a particular update though.

What’s the point of giving the user the option to disable automatic updates if you’re going to disregard it anyways? :man_shrugging:t2:

I think that the option at least prevents it from automatically starting the update installation though doesn’t prevent it from downloading it ready to go then nagging you about it.
In some ways I kind of understand them being a bit pushy about the updates, I would presume there’s support & security implications. I guess the cynical may point out that users on the latest version will have less barriers to subscribing to new services such as Arcade etc…
I would think that much of the iPhone / iPad user base are not “power users”, therefore not that technically minded, so nudging them to update & take advantage of the latest security updates etc. is a prudent thing to do. It’s just annoying for the rest of us that do know what we’re doing.

Yes, that makes sense. I can understand leaving the default option for Automatic Updates to be on for general users. However, to not respect the decision of power users, who have gone through the added step of toggling it off and so obviously know what they are doing, is annoying and un-Apple like IMHO.