Forcing Apple Photos to scan faces on Mac

Hi folks!

I’m here to ask for some help with Apple Photos on the Mac. I have slowly and steadily bought 23,000 photos onto the photo library of my Mac. Every day, around 1000 photos were imported. The photo library resides on an external Samsung T7.


Apple Photos doesn’t scan the library for Faces/People Album

What I’ve tried:

So I’ve tried a combination of things (12 hours a day each with no computer use), each option below:

(1) Import photos, keep photos app open, turn on Amphetamine (to keep the computer on) and not work on the computer.

(2) Import photos, close the photos app, keep Amphetamine ON.

(3) Option 1 above, but with Amphetamine off.

(4) Option 2 above, but with Amphetamine off.

(5) Tried to repair the photo library.

I’ve done this over two months, and there has been absolutely no progress. Apple Support is clueless.


How can I force Apple Photos to start scanning faces?

I don’t have this issue but yours piqued my curiosity so I did a bit of Googling. Found this thread which suggests a few things you may want to try:

Good luck, please report if this helped you at all!

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After around a month, I’ve given up. It did not initiate a single scan. Poor experience,

I had issues with the scan as well. Most of my library is imported from older cameras and Photos was never able to deal with it. I think Photo’s only really works well with iPhone pictures and anything outside of that it just can’t handle.

It doesn’t help in that they do not offer any type of tools or feedback to see what is going wrong.


Yesterday Mac began to index photos. I didn’t initiate it!