Forklift App for macOS - Meditations - Print Function

Forklift does not have an integrated Print function. This seems to be a strange oversight as there is always a need from time to print a hard copy of a file or even print to PDF.

Here are several fairly easy ways I have dealt with this.

  • Use automator to create an Print Service (Quick Action). This is pretty straight forward and you can invoke via the Services Menu or even better create the “standard” Command+P shortcut to do this more efficiently.

  • Drag your selected Printer from System Settings to the Forklift sidebar. A single click on the printer on the side bar will open the printer job list panel. Dragging a selected file to the panel will see it printed. Note you cannot drag the file to the Printer icon in the manner you can drag to the Dock icon to invoke an application.

The above methods print directly to the nominated printer. If I want to open the print dialogue before printing the only option that has worked for me is an Apple Shortcut placed in the share sheet.

The remaining option is of course to tediously open the file in the default application which will usually have a Print menu.

I am sure there are users with more skills than me who have devised more elegant solutions to this issue?