Forklift & Bartender - memory leaks?

Just saw things were a little sluggish, and Forklift was using 11 gigabytes of RAM - with Bartender using another 1.5 gigabytes.

Given that Forklift was basically idle at the time, and Bartender shouldn’t have any reason to use that much, this is concerning.

Has anybody ever seen either of those two programs go batty and start eating RAM?

I don’t use Forklift but I do use Bartender. BT is only using 105.7MB on my MBP.

I have seen no problem with Bartender. I suggest you just force quit it.

Edit: with a >50 icons in Bartender (hidden and shown) using 28mb right now.

Haven’t used Forklift in a long time. Have not noticed any memory problems with Bartender.

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I use Hidden Bar for hiding menu bar items. It is much less resource intensive than anything I’ve tried. My system uptime happens to be 30 days right now. 13 apps open on dock, 10 windows minimized, 29 windows open, 15 items hidden with Hidden Bar. So plenty of activity and opportunity for memory leaks. Hidden Bar is using 0.0% CPU and 17MB RAM.

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