Formatting in Apple on Catalina


I know how to convert a paragraph to a billeted list - but can I also convert an item in a list back to normal text?

I would like to have the following:

  1. tttt
  2. gggggg
  3. kkkkk

Is this possible?

Yup - tried that before as well.

I assume you are Apple Mail with new email set for format “Rich Text”.

I assume you are starting with your items listed 1,2, … through 5. Go to item 3 “Hhhh” at beginning of the line, and press backspace to make it merge with the line above. then press ^Enter (control-enter) to make a new line un-numbered and part of 2. Iiiiia becomes item 3, and kkkk becomes item 4. Do same thing with Item 3 Iiiiia and it goes into item 2, and kkkkk becomes item 3.

I tried all keys (command, option and shift) but not control…

Shame on me.