Formatting Issue

So, I just downloaded Adobe Lightroom only to learn that my hard drive has been formatted APFS case sensitive (running Mojave 10.14.4). I bought the machine (iMac Pro) second hand and can only guess the the previous owner selected case sensitive when reformatting the disk before sending to me. While it has been operating flawlessly, Lightroom is not supported on case sensitive drives. I’m trying to figure out my options and was wondering you you knowledgeable folks can help me?

Thank you!


I’d clone the iMac Pro’s internal drive (Carbon Copy Cloner, which I use, has a 30-day free trial) to an external drive, reformat the internal drive, then restore to the properly formatted internal drive.

(As a precaution I’d also unregister all registered apps before reformatting, just in case)

Thanks @bowline. That’s sort of what I was thinking, too. Fortunately, the machine is new to me; so, I don’t have much on it yet and I think (hope) it will be relatively painless.

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