Formatting USB Thumb Drive / If anyone can help me, MAC POWER USERS can :-)

For a new vehicle I pick up tomorrow I may need to reformat a USB drive to 32 FAT, but I’m sure and if so, I’m not sure how. Here is what I posted on the vehicle forum related to updating navigation mapping software:

"I pick up my new RDX tomorrow (Friday) and I’ll have the dealer make sure the map software is up to date. Nevertheless, I have a technical question for when I need to update the mapping software on my own.

I have a SANDISK 128GB ULTRA DUAL DRIV USB drive that I use for my MBP and my 12.9” iPad Pro. I am running the latest versions of Catalina and iPad OS. As Mac users will know, Apple updated the Mac OS to 64 FAT. The USB works great on both the MBP and the iPad. But given that the thread indicates that the RDX only works with 32 FAT in the USB slot, how do I know how my USB thumb drive is formatted (32 or 64)? And, if it is 64 FAT, how do I reformat my thumb drive to 32 FAT and back again to 64 FAT when I’m done with the update?"

Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

If you erase it and select MS-DOS (FAT), that should do it. Just tried it on a new Kingston 64GB. See below.

Thanks, much appreciated!!