Fotomagico Pro alternatives?

I use Fotomagico Pro (previously recommended by David Sparks) through Setapp to create slideshows and videos from my pictures. Unfortunately, Setapp just announced that Fotomagico Pro will no longer be available, effective Sept. 29th.

I am considering purchase of the software directly from the developer, Boinx Software, but the $99 price causes hesitation. It is great software, but I need to create slideshows infrequently, perhaps 2 or 3 times per year. Also, there are a few “difficulties” (or maybe bugs). One example is that working in the timeline with audio files can be fiddly - it’s difficult to freely move the audio file forward or back smoothly.

Are there full-featured alternatives to Fotomagico Pro? Required features include working in the timeline, custom fades/dissolves, masks/borders and export to videos. I also need to edit videos and have considered Final Cut Pro. FCP is even more expensive, but still a great choice for editing video in a Mac computer. Is Final Cut Pro suitable for making slideshow videos from your photos, preferably as quickly and easily as in Fotomagico Pro?

Thanks, Arthur! I knew I had it from Set App. Sure enough!

I looked at the iPad price which is $40/year.

If you’re looking for something simple to make slideshow videos, Keynote will do the job. If you’re looking for a full-featured video editor, Lightworks is another option. Though, it too has a learning curve.

Maybe Lumafusion? It has a terrific reputation.

Thank you. Good suggestion … simple is good, but not the first priority. Once I had a taste of custom dissolves and other features, I could not go back to “simple”. :grinning:

While researching this, I found a short video comparing Keynote vs. Final Cut Pro X for making video slideshows from Keynote or PowerPoint slides (essentially still images, same as photos). It demonstrated the ultimate flexibility available (motion effects, custom dissolves) in a video editor when using still images for making video slideshows. As you mentioned, I will probably end up using a full-featured video editor for slideshow videos since I will edit videos also.

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Excellent video editor for iPad. My teenage granddaughter does a fantastic job creating and editing videos with Lumafusion on her iPad Pro. I am learning a great deal from her!

I will use a Mac. It would probably be difficult for me to manage dozens or maybe hundreds of files, video clips and audio files with the iPad’s limited filing system.

Good point, and thank you. Maybe I’ll start with a trial of Final Cut Pro X since it will be optimized for the new M1 Macs.

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Not quite the workflow I meant. You can setup a Keynote presentation with custom animations and slide transitions and export the whole thing as an MP4 without the need to touch a video editor.

You are correct though, it doesn’t give you the freedom that a video editor will.

As a Fotomagico Pro 5 user I was interested in the new version 6 I figured the subscription shakedown was coming …figured 30 bucks a year or so. Instead I got 79.99 annually.

Another app that’s getting culled. The monthly pricing at 7.99 isn’t bad for those who need to do a few projects but that’s not stable money that’s volitive cash flow.