FoxTrot Professional s-l---o-------w startup?

I index Documents and a few other folders with FoxTrot Professional. The whole index is about 500MB or less. The launch time for the app is very very long. FoxTrot bounces in the Dock for several minutes, then thinks for a about 5 - 10 minutes before the index is searchable. I’ve deleted and recreated the index several times. Since the developer doesn’t seem to respond to service requests I wanted to check here to see if any FoxTrot users have suggestions.

I’m on 10.14.5 on a not very busy MacBook Pro with 16GB memory.

I’d never heard of Foxtrot, and it must qualify as one of the oldest living Mac apps.

  1. Do you think you hit an inflection point that resulted in indexing becoming exponentially longer? Could you omit folders to test this?
  2. Is Foxtrot trying to access any remote servers? Could you connect or disconnect to test this?

I know someone who has used it for several years, told me that every couple of years he has to reindex because of index corruption.

FYI there’s an interesting general discussion about the app here.

Thanks for linking to that site. Looks interesting, though I fear it might cost me money.