Free Agents 50: Bet on Yourself


A big welcome to @mikeschmitz in his new role as a host! I’m listening right now and looking forward to all future episodes already :slight_smile:


I’m glad Free Agents is continuing…and I think @mikeschmitz is a great choice for the new co-host!


Glad to have Mike as the new co-host. I appreciate his viewpoint and using out talents to the best of our abilities. I enjoy his work on ScreenCastsONLINE as well!


Same here. Just listened to the episode. I am very thankful to Jason for the 49 episodes and wonderful perspectives he brought to the show, and I am now very interested and curious about Mike’s take on this topic. I was not aware that he had written a book - that’s on my reading list now. I look forward to the little format changes you are planning. Keep up the good work @MacSparky and @mikeschmitz !


I couldn’t be happier. Jason is great, and he can’t be replaced, but @mikeschmitz is also awesom and brings his unique style. I’m a big fan of his other podcasts so Free Agents has a bright future IMO. Keep up the good work @MacSparky and @mikeschmitz


Thank you all for the kind words! It’s an honor to be on the podcast w/ @MacSparky and I’m really excited to contribute to the show.


So happy to be able to comment on the latest Free Agents episode through Discourse and thank you for making these forums available beyond Facebook.

Jason will be missed. He had a “corporate” background that is somewhat like mine and I liked the wry approach he often took in describing his personal experiences. I will continue to listen to him on Upgrade.

David, you have found a great co-host in Mike. I met Mike and Joe during the Midwest BBQ at MacStock in 2016. They are both impressive young men and continue to work at building their brands/companies. Mike had a great presentation at MacStock that year. Since then I have been listening to him by way of the Asian Efficiency podcast. Mike is a doer and I defy anyone to not admire his growing list of accomplishments. He is the closest thing our community has to a free agent podcast super-hero. Thank you for your contributions Mike. I am looking forward to many more episodes.

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I’m just coming back to the podcast after a break, and want to wish Jason well! Welcome @mikeschmitz, I enjoyed the episode a lot!

As a listener, I appreciate that a host is willing to say that the “fire” isn’t there anymore, and gracefully bow out. Hopeful we’ll hear from him more in the future as a guest!

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Thanks @bradgibson! I appreciate the kind words, and I hope I get to see you again at Macstock this year :grinning:

Did anyone else notice the new intro / theme song? I can’t be the only one who had to listen to it 2 or 3 times just to hear the changes.

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