Free or pay-what-you-want books

Books seem deserving of their own thread. Please add others!

Fifty Free Data Science Books


Free Python (etc.) books


Ohhh, good find! Thanks for letting us know!

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OO OOO OOO Thank you! Just downloaded most of them. Very applicable as I move into the next phase of LambTracker development.

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Ironically somebody wrote a Python script to grab all those free Springer books:

Note: I did not try this; apparently it will download 14 GB…


I had to go look and found a bunch of books to download, not sure if I will ever get time to read them but I love books. Our house has built in bookcases in every room except the guest bathroom and the kitchen/dining room. We even have built in places for books in our master bathroom, never knowwhen you need to sit and read for a while. :wink:


Books on R

A lot of the books written by the authors in the R community are available to read online (even with bookdown source if you’re so inclined).

most things data science

ggplot and the graphics grammar


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For public domain classics I recommend the unDRMed ebooks from the Standard eBooks project. It’s a volunteer effort which sources texts from Project Gutenberg etc, then proofreads the texts, reformats them for improved typography (eg curly quotes, linked/pop-up footnotes in ePubs, high-quality images), gives them attractive copyright-free covers, and makes them available in a variety of formats: ePub, ePub_3, AZW3 (Amazon Kindle) and kepub (Kobo devices).

Two weeks ago I picked up my latest ebook from the site, Seneca’s Dialogues.


More free books, the Think… books. These by Allen B.Downey, and published by O’Reilly.

This is an excellent thread.

I found a whole bunch of DLM-free books on websites after buying DLM-locked equivalents on Amazon or Apple. Tempted to re-buy them, but not sure if worth it.

Slight tangent

For Christian books that aren’t free but are DLM-free, I like:

I have a few puzzle books I made for young kids that I’d be happy to send PDFs of to anyone who has a young one at home and is looking for new things to do with them.

One is Sudoku for beginners / kids ages 5-10ish, one is First Grade word searches, and one is a collection of traditional-style “What Am I?” riddles that is probably good for ages 7+…

Please send me a direct message on here if you’re interested.