Free Setapp Course on Udemy- Just for MPU Forum

Hi Friends,
I put together a Setapp course on Udemy.

I’d love to get some feedback on it and possibly some reviews.

Here’s a link with a Free Coupon.

Also, let me know what apps I should add to the course. Thanks!

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Hello Arlin,

Ok in the middle of viewing your class. I have submitted a question as shown here…

Blockquote Hello Arlen,
I have seen that SetApp continues to compensate their App Developers with continued use by their end customers. Given that I think it is a good way to continue supporting your app developers to make it financially feasible to continue to develop and support their apps for the end-users.

So my question is, What is the best way to switch to the SetApp software while preserving data. For Example, I have the Task App 2Do and I would like to continue supporting the developers by switching to 2Do in the SetApp subscription model. How can this be done while still be able to transfer all the current data in the dedicated Mac App?

I wish to delete the duplicate app under Mac App store from my Mac and just have it under the SetApp folder so not to have duplicate apps.



It is my personal opinion that SetApp is one of the best values in software apps

Thanks for the alert to view your course at No Charge.

In the cases where I have switched from a non-Setapp instance of software to using the Setapp instance (Ulysses, MarginNote, and others) there was no blip in access to my data. The data in each case are stored outside of Setapp, and the Setapp instance merely either already knew where to find the data, or asked or could be configured to use a particular folder.

Best thing to do is to install the Setapp instance (it goes into a subfolder of Applications so does not interfere with other instances of that software), launch it and make sure all is well, then delete / uninstall the non-Setapp instance of the software.

Same thing if your migrate from a Setapp instance to a non-Setapp instance, which I have done because Setapp does not always keep up to date in some cases. (I think this is not Setapp’s problem, but that the developer does not provide the updated code to Setapp timely.)


Hi Gang,
Udemy has changed the way they do coupons so I have to keep creating new coupons. LMK if you come to the link and you can’t get the course.

Here a link that will work for the next 31 days.

Like someone (not me) wrote in the Udemy comments: “it looks like a setapp advertisement.”

Well it looks like SetApp is >180 apps that is a big task to take on. Probably suggest some more popular ones such as:

iStats Menu

There are various categories appealing to different groups such as coders, writers, project managers so definitely a formidable task if you want to tackle them all.

I guess UDEMY lets you to continue updating training material.

I watch all of the vids that you produced to date. You did a very good job IMHO.

Would you care to share what software apps that you used to create your training videos?

Thank you. No problem.

I am planning to do more apps but not all of them.

I would love for you to leave me a review. If you have a moment.

For software i am using screenflow to recors the screen casts and presentation assistant for cursor highlighting. I miss mousepose but idk if its been updated and it was getting buggy a few years back.

Handouts are created in google docs.
Affinity designer for some design work and snagit for screenshot editing.

Thats about it. :slight_smile:

And i responded there as well, I’m just an enthusiastic fan. Been using it for more than 3 years now. I’d like it to stick around so i am promoting it. :slight_smile: