Free Subscription Tracker for iOS

Subs, a subscription tracker is Free for Life.

I downloaded it and it’s seems like one of the better one’s available and the dev appears responsive so that’s a plus! It’s got a nice design and it’s very usable, supports FaceID and has lots of subs prepopulated.

Via IndieAppSanta on Twitter

Does it access your AppStore account to gather subscription information?

Unfortunately, no. It’s a manual process for all subscriptions

It gathers quite a bit of info though. Not sure if it’s worth it for a very simple app.

So, when you say FREE, you mean $6

When I say free, it’s free. The app download is free and the premium features are free today only

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Today only indeed:


Agree. Subtrack does not collect anything (but it’s not free. As often, if it’s free… :wink:)

Grabbed it while it was free. Entered a bunch of subs. Doesn’t seem to be an easy way to add icons for unknown subscriptions except from your photos.

Yeah I noticed that too, sadly.

This seems like something you don’t need an app for. Especially one that costs money. Instead of entering your new sub in an app, do the following:

Enter the subs as a recurring calendar event. Apple also sends an email at least a month ahead of time.

Or make a very simple Numbers spreadsheet and store it in iCloud. Sort it by date. Then make a repeating reminder to look at your spreadsheet once a month. This is better just because you can see at glance how much your subs are costing you.

While you don’t need an App for this it can be nice to have a dedicated App.

I use (& like) Chronicle, on iOS and macOS.

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Whenever I subscribe to software or anything else, I turn off auto-renewals and, for App Store items, cancel the subscription. Of course actual cancellation doesn’t occur until end of term.

I make a task in Todoist 11 months from the date I subscribed to “Review xxx subscription”. This works well for me.

I would agree. A dedicated app makes it easier to track and sort. I’ve used AirTable and @macsparky Numbers sheet. Visually, generally speaking these apps just work better for this purpose (and this one was free, it’s not anymore).

My 2 cents