Free Time Management Course from Shawn Blanc

This just arrived in my email and I thought it was definitely worth passing it along. The “We” refers to Shawn and his company, not me. – Tj

For anyone and everyone who is working from home, schooling their kids from home, and just generally feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment…

We are giving away our flagship Time Management Course.

This course has several lessons that are specifically relevant to work-from-home creative folks as well as full-time, stay-at-home parents.

As of today, the entire course is available for anyone to sign up at no charge. It will remain free at least through the end of March 2020.

Use coupon code WFH to get full access at no charge .

The entire Time Management Course has over 30 lessons in it.

We are treating everyone who signs up as if they had paid full price. Which means you’ll get lifetime access to the course, and any other benefits and loyalty deals that we offer to our customers.

Use coupon code WFH to get full access at no charge .

— Shawn


Thanks for the heads up!

What a wonderful and generous gesture by Shawn. It’s great to see communities coming together to help each other through these strange times.