From Keep It back to Evernote

Been using keep it for a while now and love the app mostly. But I’m having sync issues. It often seems slow to sync to iCloud and then back down to other devices. Not sure if there are limitations of iCloud only syncing when plugged in etc. Evernote did not have this problem. It synced very quickly to the cloud. Thoughts?

On Mac:

  • Choose Help > Keep It Support from the menu
  • Click Get In Touch

By all means contact Steve at Keep It, he responds quickly and he has helped me get through a few issues I was having getting Keep It to work for me. I like that Keep It just organizes your data while keeping it available in Finder without any proprietary software formatting.


#evernote4ever I love it and use almost every feature except Teams.


Is this the app you’re talking about?

IIRC @Adrian started using Keep It (not KeepIt) this summer after seeing something in MacStories about it.

I wish MacStories actually wrote more about the app. I know Federico Viticci uses it exclusively on iOS, but John Vorhees also (mainly?) uses it on macOS, and I really would love to know more about using it cross-platform.

Hm, I don‘t find that in the appstore. Maybe not available in Germany?

Keep It dev site

Keep It iOS

Keep it iOS (US App Store link)

Thanks! Is there anything that Keep It does better than Devonthink? I’m still not perfectly happy with DT, but probably switching around won’t help me either.

I used DevonThink Pro for several years (and before it I used Devonthink, and before that DevonNote), and I still use DevonSphere and DevonAgent (on occasion).

But ultimately I came to dislike the user interface, the clutter, the Sorter (which for years I’d turn off and would then reassert itself with each software update, and it took the devs years to fix that bug), and I found that while it was an outstanding app for certain functions I wasn’t using those functions. So a couple of years ago I switched to EagleFiler on the Mac, which is regularly supported, works just like Devonthink but is cleaner to use. It doesn’t have all DTP’s features but it has all the ones I need.

Unfortunately, the developer (same dev who makes SpamSieve) has shown no interest in making an iOS app, and at this point in time I am looking for a cross-platform solution… and Keep It seems to be the main contender to replace EagleFiler.

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I finally agree with @MacSparky, on Evernote becoming a “roach motel”
I’ve added thousands of documents, and it looks like I rarely use them.

The one nice aspect of it is it runs on the 3 OSs I use


This is Keep It Mobile by Steve Harris

The Sweet Setup had an article on this

So I have been trying Keep It for the past few days. But I will stick with Evernote, which I use a filing cabinet for receipts and things I might need in the future but that shouldn’t clutter up my iCloud Files system. I already have a lot of things in Evernote and I should do a purge soon and probably move some stuff out of it and into Files and then purge the rest.

I like how Keep It is simpler and better to use. But I do like that Ever Kate has a function to remind me if the note at a certain point I’m the future. I use that a lot when travelling or for tickets to events that I store in Evernote and then set a reminder to open the note at the time of the event to to show the ticket. That’s mainly why I’m sticking with Evernote over Keep It. But it would be possible maybe also to share a Keep It note with a pdf p, like a ticket, and share that to my task manager and set a date in that as well. Hmm :thinking:

Actually as I’m writing this, I’m changing my mind. Keep It might work great as a sort of Archive for things that might be important. And it could even be used as a note-taking app as well then.

But can Keep It handle to sync and search thousands of documents?

Also, can I put more than one document in a note in Keep It? I like that feature in Evernote.

Just the plain old Finder on Mac, combined with Files on iOS, is a good option.

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It’s way too much clutter, and I don’t use a Mac but only an iPad Pro so I cant move files around as quickly… But I know that’s what mr. Macsparky does :blush:

A plus for Keep It though is that it integrates with the Files app on iOS!

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I may need to look into how Keep It integrates with the Finder. Thanks for the nudge on that.

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I really love Keep It, but I wish the sync wasn’t so opaque. You can’t really tell what’s been synced vs what hasn’t often times. And when setting up a new device, I have found that it can “lose” items inexplicably. It hasn’t happened a lot, but it’s happened enough to make me feel uneasy sometimes.

My other gripe with Keep It is formatting on the iPhone. This process is super clunky. Type some text and want to add a bullet list? Tap the formatting bar, which then goes into a 1s animation that you have to wait to finish tap the bullet list, wait for another animation for the keyboard to come back and then you can start typing again.

I’m hoping that iOS 13’s new formatting keyboard (from Mail) will be available and Keep It can make use of that going forward.


Not happy to hear that Keep It can’t keep items during sync!

I love Evernote and use it more than probably any other app on my Mac/iOS. I use it for everything from the creative process, to project management, reference, and research. But I will say that the thing that made all the difference for me was taking the course from Tiago Forte. It was in that course that learned how to create a filing system that keeps my Evernote working like a well-oiled machine and incredibly useful for me.

Here are two really useful posts from Tiago about Evernote:


I have tried to get on the bucket apps wagon so many times, but just can not make them work.

I can see that DevonThink and it’s AI for heavy duty research is a fabulous piece of kit but I have yet to find a scenario (for me anyway) where a well thought out file system can not work as well as any bucket app.

If you’re just using them to store large amounts of often redundant material why not just file them? I doubt if 80% of material stored in these bucket apps ever gets used or referenced, much will be outdated, most will have newer versions online which Google will find and of course they all work on a principle of getting you to store as much as possible thereby to a large extent making a switch more trouble than its worth.

I probably compared to many keep very little, do we really need to back up promotional emails from 10 years ago, or store that clever trick someone posted about Mac OS9?

We are consistently told to declutter our mind into Todo apps, maybe we should declutter our computers into the trash can?