From Mac Mail, create a new "Reminder" with a link-back to your highlighted email

In Big Sur, you can create an Apple “Reminder” with a link-back to the email message that pertains to the Reminder item.

In Mac Mail, highlight the Subject line of an email in Mac Mail, then right click (or Ctrl-Click), and, in the pop-up menu choose Share > Reminders. A window pops up with a Reminder item consisting of the (editable) subject line of the email, and it allows you to choose which Reminder “List” to add the item to. The item that gets added to Reminders has a Mail icon. If you click the Mail icon from the Reminder item, it links-back and opens the original Mail message that you shared to Reminders.

Here’s the Apple Support article:


control-click the Subject :exploding_head:
a very hidden feature. thanks for sharing @Barry80126!

now it’s time to focus on native way to share from Apple Mail iOS

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You can also invoke Siri while the message is front-most and say “remind me about this”.


Tried, this works too!
Also, the same method on main post also works on iOS.

might be useful to you @Bmosbacker, you searched for this functionality too no? The reminder with mail link cannot be imported to Things though


Awesome! You can of course share to Omnifocus, ToDoist and possibly others by right click/share - but no link back. Thank you!

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I’m gonna need pictures. No “Share” option comes up when I right click :neutral_face:

Thanks, I’ll check this out.

The preferred email must be selected in your email list, and your mouse has to be hovering over (or you must select by highlighting) the actual “Subject” line of the email.


OMG! Thanks Barry, I was using the mail in my list of emails not the email itself! :roll_eyes:

Interestingly, if I share this to Apple Notes it doesn’t link back to the email, just the Subject is added to Notes. To share the content to Notes you need to elect the body of the email.

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But what about Omnif…oh. I see. Nevermind.

I think I managed to create Reminders with a link back to the original email by sharing any piece of text contained in the email, not just the subject.

In both cases, it’s a great feature. A clearer way to share an email would probably improve its discoverability though.

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+1 for using Siri. I use this on my iPhone all the time, for web pages, emails, etc. “Hey, Siri, remind me about this.” No tapping/menus/etc needed.

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If you select some part of the e-mail It and share it to Reminders it will add the text to the Notes field of the reminder.

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Yes, and if I remember correctly it will also retain an icon to open the associated e-mail back in Mail.


Best tip EVER, I just found out it works in Catalina as well


This also works natively in Apple Mail for iOS !!!

On my iPad, in Apple Mail, when I long-press any word in the subject of an email, Mail opens a selection bar with the “Share” option, among others. Once you choose “Share”, the Share window opens, with one of the (many) apps offered for sharing is Reminders. When I choose Reminders, that app opens with a new-reminder box that includes the words of the email’s subject line, a text box for optional description text, AND a link back to the email.

In Mail for iPadOS (also in iOS?), you can long-press any text in the email — not just in the subject. For example, if you highlight a paragraph in the message text, and choose to Share to Reminders, then the full selected paragraph of text appears in the description field of the new Reminder, and the title of the email is shown as the subject of the Reminder — along with a link back to the original email.

And no matter where you move the original email — such as a folder on your local drive or a folder in one of your email accounts — the link keeps on working. Press on the link in Reminders and the original email opens to read … no matter which folder it is then stored in.


Has anybody created an automation to bind this to a keystroke.
Perhaps it could be done using UI Interface Applescripting.

Drag-and-drop version: In iOS long press on the message from the email list till it pops out. Then move it around so the menu disappears but you still have the message underneath your finger. Then I can swipe that bottom bar with your other hand (while keeping your first finger on the message) and drag it to other apps. Not the most intuitive, but it works, too.

Here is some code I created that will set a Reminder from the highlighted email.

If a Reminder already exists for the email it will offer to complete the Reminder.

Email to Reminder


Old Thread - new OS.

I am using Monterey and I can see the Share menu, but I can not share to Reminders - only Mail, Messages and Notes. Also no Reminders in the Others section. Is this not working anymore?