From my archives: Fun with OS 9.1! (Classic)

I was archiving some old files that have collected in some of the disused places in my Documents Folder and came across the following from 2001. It made me laugh.

My experience with installing 9.1 has not been good. I can’t tell if it’s me, my system or the software. Probably all of the above. Here is a reasonably complete sequence of events chronicling my experience with 9.1. For the record, this is one of the worst experiences in 16 years of Macintosh and 20 years PC use.

For the record I have a Beige G3 with a Newer 500mhz G3 ZIF upgrade, 30 gig Maxtor partitioned into 3 volumes (9.04, OSX with 9,04 and Virtual PC) plus a 6 gig Quantum for backups, 160 meg ram

  1. I decide to update from 9.04 to 9.1 (Oh Boy!)
  2. Download all 15 files (5 minutes! Thank You, High Speed Internet Access)
  3. Back up 9.04 system folder to my second internal hard drive (Thank God, this is the last smart thing I did).
  4. Decide to try Rewind as protection against install problems. Download and pay for copy. Install.
  5. Run Nortons 5.03 and Disk First Aid 8.6 (No Problems)
  6. Start Install of 9.1 from disk image. CRASH! FUBAR! BOGUS! (I didn’t note what the error message was.)
  7. No problem. I’ll Rewind! CRASH! FUBAR! BOGUS! She no boot!
  8. Now my monitor decides to die! Coincidence?
  9. Crack case to see if there is anything physical (loose cards, etc).
  10. Cable from my two internal hard drives pulls out from the motherboard. In the process of reconnecting I bend one of pins on the second hard drive (Yes, the one with the backup. Yes, I know I should have burned a CD)
  11. Go to CompUSA to buy a new monitor. Look at Apple products but I’m not sure that I can connect them to my USB/PCI card. Spent $300 on ViewSonic 17 inch.
  12. Connect new monitor (it works) and boot from my existing 9.04 partition (the one that also has OSX installed)
  13. Unbend the pin on the hard drive with the backup on it. It Works! (Lucky)
  14. Restore 9.04.
  15. Reinstall 9.1 from disk image. Success!!!
  16. Much fussing to cleanup the mess.
  17. Try to print a document. Go to the Chooser and select my HP DeskJet 970Ce (connected via USB). Suddenly, new DeskTop printer icons begin to appear named 1,2,3,4…. Until my entire desktop is littered with the buggers. Spend HOURS with conflict catcher trying to track down problem. I give up. This is the end for me.
  18. Restore 9.04 and fuss with try to get my apps and utilities back to pre-9.1 status. (The new Sherlock won’t work etc.)

Hope everyone else has better luck.

For the record, I’ve never had a lick of trouble with system installs before (Including OSX).


This was worth the read just to see the word “CompUSA”! Ahhhh memories.