Frustration with New OmniFocus Widget

Is anyone else frustrated with OmniFocus’ new widgets?They don’t seem to update very often, and I find myself tapping on it to enter the app just to see the next task in line that hasn’t already been done.

Am I doing something wrong? Using smallest widget with a custom perspective.

I am a Things user and I could basically second your observations. The same is true for any other 3rd party widget. :frowning:

The issue is that iOS does not allow the developer to trigger immediate refreshes of a widget. It can take minutes if not longer until a widget shows recent data. Why? Have a look:

From a developer over there:

Widgets have a limited number of updates and if you were to try to update every minute, you’ll quickly run out of updates. While debugging with Xcode these limits are not imposed, but if you’re running your app outside of Xcode you’d see the behavior you’re describing where your widget would stop updating.

I was very enthusiastic about widgets when I installed iOS 14. They look great, but they are severely limited by Apple restricting apps how often apps can refresh their widgets.

I have switched to opening apps again for time sensitive information. Everything else is just not reliable enough.


I find that the new iOS widgets are inferior to the old-style, today view widgets. They don´t refresh as often and aren´t interactive, for the most part.

Omnifocus´ widgets are an excellent example of this difference. The old widgets were instantly updated and allowed for some actions (adding new inbox items and checking items off). The new ones merely present information and allow for that presentation to be displayed on the home screen.

I know it´s only the first iteration of these modern widgets and we ´ll probably see further development, but it feels like a step back (as far as functionality goes).

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The weirdest widget is the one for the iOS clock.

It has a second hand.

And updates every 10-20 minutes, in my brief testing.

I cannot understand why/how anyone would find that useful or why Apple even made it.

What use is a clock that you know is never the right time?!?