Fstab issues with macOS Ventura

Ok, I have a goofy file system issue with Ventura. I have created a sparse bundle, .OpenFOAM.sparsebundle located in my home directory. I would like for it to mount to ~/OpenFOAM on startup, but fstab hates me. My fstab entry is as follows:

/Users/anthony/.OpenFOAM.sparsebundle /Users/Anthony/OpenFOAM apfs rw

When I try to run mount -av, the results are:

mount_apfs: volume could not be mounted: Operation not permitted
mount: / failed with 77
mount_apfs: volume could not be mounted: Block device required
mount: /Users/anthony/OpenFOAM failed with 74

I’m sure there are some permissions I am missing somewhere, but can’t quite figure out how to resolve the problem. I can maybe add the sparse bundle to Login Items and symlink to my desired directory, but I’m unsure how the software I need to install there will like that.

Any advice on how to resolve this would be much appreciated.