Fujitsi IX100 - multiple Mac’s

I just bought an IX100 scansnap mainlybfor receipt and occasional scanning in the kitchen area. I use a big Fujitsu Apeos copier for big jobs at work as well as a old S510 at home in my office.

This is the first wireless scanner I have and was hoping that pretty much any device with the scansnap software would be able to connect. Mobile devices are no problem but my MacBook and my wife’s MacBook seem to have to be re-setup for wireless scanning before using them. This is totally impracticable and not an option for my wife who does not want to mess around.

Has anyone else encountered this and has come up with a solution. Seems odd that this is a restriction. Plugging it in is an alternative we will have to go with but not as snazzy!i

According to the ix100 Basic Operation Guide

Only one computer can be connected to the ScanSnap via wireless LAN.

I ran into the same problem with my ix500.

One option, while not ideal, would be to have one machine that only scans via USB and the other scans via WiFi.