Fujitsu ScanSnap Software - State of it in 2021

I have an old Fujitsu ScanSnap that I love, works great, but I haven’t updated OS X since High Sierra (10.13) because I read they stopped supporting new OS and were pushing people to buy new scanners.

I also remember reading about some third party software but there was some weirdness with the license, like it was tied to the computer and I was potentially going to change computers in the next year so I didn’t go with that, I forget the exact reason.

Now I’ve had this scanner for maybe 8 or 10 years and it works fine, but with the move to USB-C, I’d be willing to buy a new scanner to get new software that would allow it to run on the newest OS X, but it doesn’t seem like Fujitsu makes ScanSnap scanners that use USB-C, or at least their website doesn’t mention it.

I’d feel silly buying a new scanner now and then using a dongle with it because I’d obviously not be buying the newest tech, and the only reason to buy a new scanner when my old one works fine, is to get with the newest tech.

What advise does the forum have on scanners today?

You don’t give the scanner’s model number. Meantime, a while back Fujitsu provided updated software for their older scanners to run on contemporary MacOSX. See “support” pages for your scanner and see what you find for updated software.

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If you’re currently using ScanSnap Manager, it’s been updated so that it now works with all current MacOS systems. Just update to the latest release of ScanSnap Manager and you can continue to use your existing scanner, assuming that you’re using an old release of ScanSnap Manager now.

If you want to update your ScanSnap hardware, the recent ScanSnaps support Wifi. So there’s no reason to continue using USB at all.

I have an S300M and I went onto their website as you suggested and I am currently using the newest software they have for it, which I think might not be 64 bit. I think I am stuck on High Sierra if I want to keep using it.

Thanks @agmalis I did go on their website and see some new models have WiFi but I try to avoid WiFi when possible. It sounds overly paranoid, but WiFi is a potential security concern on devices that I avoid when possible.

I had that one, and downloaded the version for another model that had been updated for 64 bit, and as best I could tell, it worked fine (I’ve since switched to a newer model).

Fujitsu’s information about compatibility cannot be trusted. Before they backtracked, I was using a version of their software that they said was unsupported. Worked perfectly fine. So definitely try newer versions of the ScanSnap Manager software before you give up on working hardware.

I’m undecided about my next scanner. Even though Fujitsu finally made the right decision to continue to allow customers to continue using their hardware, it was a bad few years before that. Unfortunately, there seems to be no clear better option. Wifi sounds great until you read the reviews of those models, and lack of USB-C is annoying.

Just try the latest Scansnap Home software. It is compatible with the newest macOS and will likely recognise your scanner.

Alternatively try VueScan or ExactScan Pro, both of which will work with your scanner.

Also try: Scansnap S300m Driver For Mac Mojave - renewcoast

I bought a USB-C to USB-B cable to connect my S1500 to my M1 iMac. Cleaner than using a dongle.

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How well does that work? Any reason not to do it? I didnt realize those exist!!

Works very well. You can also get USB-C to mini and micro usb if needed. It was $8 on Amazon.

Hi All,
I’m returning to this thread because I’m hoping to start using my Fujitsu Scansnap x500 after dusting it off, but am thoroughly confused about my options after visiting their website and reading through various MPU-Talk forums. If I’m reading it right, I can only use the Home to have 64-bit software that will work on Catalina, correct? I’m changing jobs and will be buying my own new laptop, but have to do a lot of bulk scanning before I part with the old machine, so it seems like a waste to buy the software for a device that’s about to return to my employer. I can’t find straight-forward pricing, on top of which there’s a warning on one of their (?) websites saying that unauthorized companies are claiming to be them. Any advice would be welcome, including a solution to scanning six giant boxes of handwritten documents within the next two months. Thank you!

@Pommette - I recommend that you use Scansnap Manager, not Scansnap Home. After Fujitsu dropped the ball with upgrading their software to 64-bit, they belatedly upgraded the older software, Scansnap Manager, to 64-bit. Scansnap Manager, unlike Scansnap Home, does not need to be purchased or registered to a specific computer, as far as I know.

Try this link - skip to the bottom for Scansnap Manager:


Awesome–thank you! This as good news and a big help. :slight_smile:

@Pommette I have both Manager and Home running on my Intel iMac with Monterey installed. No problems using either. Both are 64 bit.

The link Arthur provided will allow you to download both apps if you want.

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Very belated thank you! Yes, I followed the link and it has been working. Much appreciated @Arthur !

This is great. I had given up on my old S1300, but it works fine with the latest software.