Fujitsu ScanSnap Software Supported on macOS Catalina?

Hi Catalina users, does fujitsu scansnap software for iX500 work with catalina, any issues etc?, thanks

Lots of discussions about that here. Try using the search, but in the mean time here are two discussions you might find useful:

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Works for me. No problems.

It depends what app you are using.

The “ScanSnap Manager” that many of us used for many years is a 32-bit app and won’t run on Catalina.

There is another app… ScanSnap “Home” or some other name… which is 64-bit but has other issues.

As an early detractor here of ScanSnap Home (their 64-bit app), I now wholeheartedly enjoy using it and find it much more sensibly designed than the old Manager program. As such I wouldn’t hesitate replacing my ix500 with the newer ix1500, especially now that it is available in Black.

The only real downside I’ve found that hasn’t been “solved” is the license. Instead of having the software free (like Manager) you are limited to using Home on a single computer if you have an ix500, or four computers if you have an ix1500. Not a limitation for me but could be for some.

I’d certainly need to try it first. I’ve got a really automated process here with scanning, which would actually improve with the control panel of the ix1500. But I just don’t know how the Raven would work out. They seem to stress their cloud operation, and I’m not at all interested in that.

Thanks everyone for all good advice here :slight_smile: