Fujitsu ScanSnap xi500 software

Hi, Finally upgrading from High Sierra to Mojave or Catalina, will my Fujitsu ScanSnap xi500 still work. Does Fujistu software run on the new MAC OS. Anybody come across any problems with this scanner and MAC OS. Thanks Stuart

@stumccly - I assume that your ScanSnap software is the older 32-bit ScanSnap Manager. That software should work on Mojave, but will not work on macOS Catalina. To upgrade to Catalina, you must upgrade to ScanSnap Home, Fujitsu’s newer 64-bit software. Unfortunately, upgrading to ScanSnap Home will result in severe software licensing restrictions. You will have only ONE license that will work on only ONE computer. You would not be able to use the scanner for other computers in your home. If you change your computer, or if you do a “clean install” of macOS, you will be required to buy a new license, or perhaps go through the hassle of contacting Fujitsu to transfer your license.

There have been many discussions in this forum on the issue, with much criticism of Fujitsu’s license policy and its failure to support scanners prior to the iX500. Do a search for “Fujitsu” or “ScanSnap” and you will find a great deal of information.

Check the link below, with particular attention to posts 4,5 and 6 in the thread:
Also search for member @tomalmy. He has made many helpful posts about the ScanSnap iX500 and the new software, including several additional posts in the same thread linked above.

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Unless you need Catalina for some reason, I’d go with Mojave, at least for the time being.

I think Catalina is going to be one of those versions that a lot of people skip, or don’t and look back on with many regrets and frustrations.

Hopefully whatever comes out next year will clean things up (“Snow Catalina”?), but in the meantime, I’m in no rush to upgrade, personally.

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My vote is for “High Catalina” :grin:

As much as I would like to use some of the new features, I don’t need the drama of bugs and broken apps. Agree, no rush to upgrade.

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Thanks everyone for your help, especially the links. I think I will go with Mojave and do a clean install for now. Does anyone know where you can download Mojave installer, the Apple Store Mac OS tab seems to contain upgrades? Thanks again, Stuart

This page should let you download Mojave, even though it would prefer you to download Catalina.

Direct Mac App Store links for Mojave:


Hi tjluoma, thanks for your reply, however, its the installer file I need to do a clean install, As you have also found the apple website as above want you to download and install over the previous version. thanks

Ah found it , it’s in the applications folder