Fujitsu's "customer loyalty" program

I’ve been holding off buying a new Fujitsu ScanSnap to replace my perfectly good S1500M. Today I received a “customer loyalty” email, promoting $200 a bundle that includes the ScanSnap iX1500. Unfortunately, the bundle includes a “warranty” that I would never purchase — so the deal is effectively $100.

Aside from Fujitsu’s abysmal customer support and horrendous software, the licensing limitations of the iX 1500 are scaring me away. I can’t get a clear picture if I can use this on more than one computer without uninstalling and reinstalling the software. And it’s totally unclear how many times I can uninstall and reinstall. If I have to wipe and reinstall the operating system of a computer, is that a “new” installation? Is an upgrade to the OS a “new” installation?

The one feature that I’d pay for is wireless scanning, but people have reported serious problems with that. Also, it’s not clear to me if I have to use Fujitsu’s software in order to be able to scan wirelessly.

So, I’m still sitting on the fence. I hope this program by Fujitsu is a sign that they are realizing that they’ve made a bunch of mistakes recently.

You would get 5 licenses, and it appears that you can unlicense a computer and relicense on another one, but there is some unspecified limit as to how often you can do this without contacting them.

As far as I’m concerned, there is more of a principle that you are buying the hardware and shouldn’t have to specifically license the software that only works with their hardware. For that reason I’m unlikely to buy another Fujitsu scanner even though the license would not be limiting to me.

Is this a total cost of $200 for the bundle? Or a $200 discount from the regular “bundle” cost? If the latter, the cost would be $395, based on information from Fujitsu’s website. No, thank you, not for me.

On further thought - I wouldn’t even do this for a cost of $200. There is a better option - see below.

You state that you have a “perfectly good S1500M”. Why not continue to use that and purchase either ExactScan or Vuescan software? The cost of the “Pro” version (supports OCR) of either is $99. I also have a Scansnap S1500M and plan to continue using it with either VueScan or ExactScan.

Links for ExactScan and VueScan:

Your own words. I am done with Fujitsu, at least as far as purchasing a new Fujitsu scanner. I have seen good reviews for both VueScan and ExactScan, so I will purchase one of these when the time comes to upgrade to macOS Catalina - that is when my older Scansnap Manager software will no longer work.

Well said. I agree with @tomalmy.

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