Full Focus Planners (Michael Hyatt)

Does anyone here successfully use the Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt’s company? I saw they released updated versions this week. They look nice, and I like the idea of spending $160/year as a commitment strategy. I’m less sure if they’d work well for someone who likes to fiddle with their processes and systems a little too much.

I’ve just finished his Free to Focus book and I love the idea of the FFP, but I want to use GoodNotes on the iPad for my planner. I really wish they would release PDF templates, but I doubt they will because of the subscription model they have.

I haven’t looked at the new version. I bought the older version of the planner, journal, and notebooks. The planner looks like it would be perfect for him, but not for me. The page templates just didn’t work for me.
I like elements of bullet journaling (Carroll’s book is excellent), the Passion Planner (which I see has gone a little bullet-journaly), and journaling.
To that end, I’m contemplating having a custom planner made by Agendio. It looks like it would be less expensive than the FFP, but hard to tell without customizing. I really don’t have (want to take) the time to design a custom planner though.
Maybe I’ll look at the new iteration of the Passion Planner.

Edit: if you think the FFP is for you, you could always start with a single planner, rather than committing to a whole year.

IMO, much of what Michael Hyatt teaches are common sense techniques that have been used by successful people throughout history.

I still own a well worn Franklin Planner that was given to me by my employer in the late '80’s that I used for many years. It was my calendar, my to-do list, my contact list, etc. And each morning, I moved my unfinished To-Do’s to a new page and started a new day.

The FFP has the advantage of always being distraction free. Some people need that, and are unable or unwilling to turn on Airplane Mode when working on their iPad/iPhone etc. For them, it may be a good solution. I use an iPad.

OTOH, one reason I prefer reading on a Kindle is the lack of distractions. :wink:

I enrolled in the two Free to Focus courses and have been using the Full Focus Planner from day one. I just ordered the new executive version of the planner.

The one thing that I don’t like so much about the FFP is that it is a bit heavy to carry around, so I am using very similar GootNotes templates from Graceful Planner that I found on Etsy when traveling light with my iPad.

But apart from that I still use the FFP in conjunction with the F2F process. Maybe too much praise but it gives me a sense of calm and focus that makes my life so much better :-).

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I’ve been tempted but have some of the same concerns listed here. One, it’s a big thing to drag around. Two, it is somewhat expensive if it doesn’t quite fit my processes. Three, as nice as writing on paper is, it isn’t searchable.

Tom Solid’s Digital Journal is an interesting thing to look at; it is a yearlong PDF journal that can be imported into various apps like GoodNotes. The 2019 version is now very cheap since the year is almost over so I bought it to take for a test run.

But, again, maybe too complicated? Maybe not quite the way my mind works?

So what I think I’m going to do for 2020 is make my own. It’s easy enough to design something in your word processor of choice, save to PDF and import into GoodNotes. And the nice thing about that is that if there’s something you want to add, change or delete you can just go ahead and do it.

Plus, you know, free.

(BTW, someone closely involved with this site shared some of his own on his website… :slight_smile: )

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Well, I ended up cancelling $160 worth of subscriptions to make room, and bought this with a $10 off coupon I found on Twitter. We’ll see how it goes! Thanks for weighing in, everyone.