Fully Disable Quick Notes On Mac

I want to fully disable Quick Notes on Mac. It randomly pops up. I don’t want to see it ever pop up. All googling I do tells me to turn it off of hot corners. I don’t have it linked to any hot corners. I can’t figure out how to make it fully go away.

Happens on multiple Macs (Mac Studio & M1 MacBook Air) both running Monterey. Any ideas how to get rid to of it?


This should do it:

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Thanks Ulli. That’s what I found googling. I have tried that, it isn’t on hot corners, but it randomly pops up anyway.

I’ve tried turning it onto hot corner and then off. Still happens. It also happens when my mouse isn’t in the corner.

Hmm, OK, I am sure it could be solved here. :wink:
Maybe you describe a little bit more, under what circumstances it pops up?
Is it while you hit the corner (or some other place) of your Mac with the mouse?
Can you reproduce it?
Is it maybe connected to a Keyboard shortcut, or a hotkey?

I can’t reliably reproduce it. I thought it might be a keyboard shortcut but I can’t figure it out.

I love new features but I wish that whenever something is introduced, there was a “please please please never do that” option.

Do you have apps Running like Keyboard Maestro, Alfred or others from that kind?
For an Keyboard shortcut within the macOS itself, you could check with the Preferences → Keyboard → Shortcuts (the Tap in the middle)
On my system it shows up under “Mission Control”.

I do use Keyboard Maestro and seems to come up more when using that.

Went to shortcuts and saw it was under mission control and triggered by fnQ. Turned it off. Maybe this helps. Thanks for much.

Maybe won’t work though because I don’t have anything being triggered by “fnQ” because I don’t even know how I would type that.

I figured it out (I think). It was every time I went to a specific website. The website happened to be the EHR we use for work (so I go there a lot). I once added a link to that website on a note. I think what it was doing was every time I went to that website, it thought I wanted to see that note that had a link to that page on it. I deleted that note and now it doesn’t happen anymore.