Fun and Laugh ONLY: Subscription based MPU Forum

So hypothetically if MPU were to opt a Subscription ONLY forum then pretty much @bmosbacker would drop out first :joy:


As much as he posts here, I think he would pay for it. Am I right @Bmosbacker?

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Such abuse!! :joy: i’m glad I can be a foil for some on this forum.

But, you are correct. As much as I enjoy and learn from this forum, I would not pay a subscription for it.


@Bmosbacker, I think we’d all have to pitch in a few bucks to keep you subscribed and posting. :wink:


That is very kind. :slightly_smiling_face:

I figure some here would pay David to run me off given the number of posts I’ve written about my app qurandries! :rofl:

The Discord is, fortunately, more or less “dead”, and I hope very much it is staying on this level, as I just do not have the time to check another source for useful informations from @MacSparky.
It is already very time consuming, to keep up with all those informations, podcasts, videos and so on.

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Tuning in for another episode of @Bmosbacker’s App Quandaries is as good as prestige TV. Who could have seen this season’s plot twist coming? :wink: In all seriousness, I get a lot out of watching you think your way through to the set of tools that are best for your workflow.


That’s hilarious. I’m a Reality TV star! :joy:

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Is that why this place feels kind of slow? (No offense, everyone, but I seem to remember this place being more active in the past). To me, a board like this and a place like Discord serve two completely different functions. Here, I can post something in the morning and easily find it in the afternoon (or later in the week!) if I need to, but Discord seems to be in real-time, so if you miss something, it’s pretty much gone, right?

Took a look yesterday and I agree with @Ulli.