Fun with HomeKit and Siri

Spoiler Alert - Fun Not Included …

A while ago, while at our in-laws, my brother in law said, “hey Alexa, play Jackson Browne”. And later, on the ride home my wife asked, “why can’t we do that.” Score! (She is a big Jackson Browne fan.)

Flash forward to today, two HomePods and one HomePod mini later, we’ve music, thermostat, plugs, lights, and more. Ok I lied, plenty of fun for me. :slight_smile:

And this week she said, “Hey Siri, turn on the dining room lights.”, which, upon every other time she said this, the dining room lights turned on. But this time, Siri happily said, “The bedroom lamp is on.” And so it was.

Which, as I’m sure you ascertained, was not the desired result.

Now, if I go into the Home App and click on the Dining Room Lights, the Dining Room Lights turn on.

I suspect I am not the first person to encounter such an issue, and I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction to fix this. Of course, I’d be happy to provide any further information.

Thanks in advance!

I noticed recently that Siri got funny about the dining room and responded to “turn on the dining room lights” with something to the effect of ‘no such room’. I noted that in HomeKit the room is called “Dining” (rather than “Dining Room”), the voice command “turn on the dining lights” worked ok.

Perhaps if you have a room called “Dining” and a room called “Bedroom”, but you say “Dining room”, maybe it’s confusing the voice recognition process?

Thanks for the suggestion. Alas, it did not solve the issue. :frowning:

The room was “Dining Room” and the lights were “Dining Room Lights”. I changed the latter to just “Lights”. But Siri I still turns on the Bedroom Lamp. :man_shrugging:t3:

I suppose I’ll need to remove and then re-add the lights to the HomeKit. :anguished:

Thanks again.

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