Function remote for Apple TV

Just a quick report. I ordered a Function remote for the Apple TV (based off a design available in Europe but not previously in the States). It arrived, after being on back order for about a month, today.

No setup was required. It turned on the Apple TV automatically. It’s an infrared remote so it needs a clear view of the front of the TV itself, but that wasn’t a problem the way I have things set up.

This thing is revelatory. I really dislike the remote that comes with the most recent Apple TV. Fiddly and small, it doesn’t fit my hand at all. No idea what Apple was thinking when they designed it. But the Function? Ah. Fit’s my hand properly, has a straightforward rocker switch navigation pad and is easily paired to the TV itself to handle volume, etc.

This is the remote that should have been in the box. The Apple TV is just so much easier to use and manage with this thing.


Interesting—thanks for the review! Didn’t even realize you could set up alternatives.

For others who were curious, here’s some coverage from The Verge and here’s the product website:

why not just use your phone?

The phone needs to be on, it’s not tactile in the same way and the whole house can’t always use it.

I can even imagine myself picking up the phone to pause and getting distracted by an email, but that might just be me!

Edit: I do use my phone for searching eg Netflix, but switch to the horrible remote for most things

Thanks @wnknisely and @ryanjamurphy for the review and the info. I rarely use my Apple TV because I absolutely hate the Siri remote - and haven’t found a suitable 3rd party remote.

I read about what appears to be this same remote some time ago. A cable provider in Switzerland started using Apple TVs as their standard cable box, but their customers didn’t like the Siri remote. So they had to replace them with a button style remote that looks identical to the Function. Unfortunately they didn’t sell them to non-subscribers.

FWIW, the old-style infrared Apple remotes work with the Apple TV.
Obviously, they don’t have the swipe pad or the volume control.
I like the Siri remote. It could be bigger, and it could also be cheaper to replace.

Can confirm this. I tried the standard remote that came with my Samsung TV and it controls the AppleTV out of the box. I prefer the Apple one, though.

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