Future of macOS

Hello everyone! As power user and designer I wonder, what is the next big step for macOS. Which areas would you like to be improved?
I for myself would like to get rid of repetitive tasks and improve automation to make it foolproof. The fact that apple bought workflow and implements it in iOS makes me happy and i hope that it will also come to macOS. What do you think? What do you miss, what would you wish for?


The Mac will live on :sunglasses:

From my perspective it seems like the Mac team is doubling down on professionals, by releasing new Macbook Pro, new iMac Pro and yet-to-be-announced Mac Pro. A feature like Dark Mode on 10.14 is also just to show love to the professional community.

This might be a side note, but worth mentioning: automation on Macs have been there for a long time. Apple’s former automation genius Sal Soghoian appeared recently both on @MacSparky’s and @RosemaryOrchard’s Automators podcast episode #3 and Leo Laporte’s Triangulation podcast episode 359 and 360. Both very much worth a listen.

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Yes, when I first saw this post, my reaction was that everything Workflow can do can already be done on the Mac. Especially reading files which is practically instantaneous compared to how long it takes WF to pull in a few hundred lines of a text file on Dropbox.

Sal Soghoian was also on MPU back on Episode 370.

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My biggest headach is the inability of Mac OS to retain the width of columns in Finder windows. When I set up a specific folder view in column mode and fix the widths it always resets to the narrowest version when that folder is again opened. Other views retain their characteristics, why not the column view? It’s the one I use all the time.

There are other similar things. So I’d like to see more consistency and less emphasis on major improvements for at least one development cycle.


I’m not going to Google it for you, but I am more than certain that there is a way to set the width. I think actually I heard about it on a episode of Mac Geek Gab.

Option and resize will change all the column widths to be the same width. It also sets that to be the default width but if you change the width the changes won’t stick.

I want the ability to set individual columns different widths and have it stick and it doesn’t.