Future visioning/planning with spouse

Hello folks,

My spouse and I would like to do some future visioning/planning for our next 1-5 years. Can anyone recommend a lightweight structure or set of guiding questions/prompts that can help us think about this? I’m looking for something that will help us think about our individual careers, obligations and aspirations – not just our relationship.

This isn’t really Mac-related, but I thought this community might have some suggestions.


I am not sure what stage in life you and your wife are and what type of visioning / planning you are considering.

For me, I am retired and 67 years old, I am using Everplan to share details with my family, I do not think it is a planning tool but they do have a checklist that may be relevant

Evenplan is not the only service, I guess you can google something more specific to your need

This is exactly why OmniFocus should implement a sharing feature!
Why oh why aren’t they doing it…? :frowning:

OT: Maybe Trello is what you are looking for?

I’m not looking for an app. We’re going to do this on paper. I’m looking for questions, prompts or other structure to help us with the process.

(Everplan might be useful perhaps in another context.)

This might be helpful.

And for those looking for inspiration, any of Kobi Yamada’s other books. They’re not just for kids.


Tagging @mikeschmitz, who has a podcast about this sort of thing:

(I haven’t listened to it yet, but this was a great reminder for me to subscribe!)


There’s @mikeschmitz’s Personal Retreat Handbook (I found the core values exercise particularly useful.