Futureproofing or even replacing Obsidian using unique document names

I’ve been thinking recently that the main value of Obsidian, for me, is the ability to create a project index for articles I’m working on — a single document that contains status updates and links to assets (markdown documents, Word documents, PDFs, etc.), with descriptions of those assets.

I use Obsidian for that now and am happy. But of course what if Obsidian goes away? Those links would all break.

One solution would be to put all the assets in a single folder and never change that folder. But “never” is a long time.

Another solution is to put a unique string — say, the date and time — in the body or title of the document. That way, even if I couldn’t click a link to open the document, I could run a search and find it.

Is anybody already doing something like this? When I did a search on something like this method I found a very old article by some guy named “David Sparks,” but I expect he’s moved on from this method by now. What are some pitfalls and things to think about?

And a few minutes ago it occurred to me that I had basically just invented the zettelkasten. I think there’s some prior art on this though!

This is indeed exactly the whole idea behind the UIDs of Zettelkasten and the reason why it’s advocated to use them. There is a lot of discussion on that subject online.

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